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Boat and Jet Ski Accident Lawyers Arizona

Arizona Boat and Jet Ski Accident Lawyers

More than 5,000 boating accidents are reported annually in the Unites States, resulting in at least 4,000 injuries and deaths, as well as property damage in excess of $35 million. Personal watercraft, such as jet skis and wave runners, are involved in about 25% of all accidents.

The most common causes of boat accidents and injuries are preventable:

  • Operator inattention and carelessness
  • Alcohol use
  • Excessive speed
  • Inexperienced operators
  • Lack of proper safety equipment on board

Alcohol and Boating

Alcohol use accounts for more boat accidents than any other factor, and it is implicated in approximately one-third of all boating accident deaths. More than half of drownings are caused by boat accidents involving alcohol. While it is illegal to operate a watercraft under the influence of alcohol or drugs, boaters are even more inclined than automobile drivers to violate the law. The lesson is clear: do not consume alcohol while boating.

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Boating Accident News

Teen Who Died in Boating Accident Identified as Guadalupe Granados

The victim of a boating accident on the Colorado River in Arizona two weeks ago has been identified as Guadalupe Granados, age 13 of San Bernardino, California.

Charles Estrada Killed in Lake Mohave Boat Accident

Charles Estrada died Saturday following a boating accident on Lake Mohave, near the Arizona-Nevada border. Mr. Estrada reportedly was in the water when a woman operating a boat mistakenly shifted the boat into reverse, rather than drive. The boat struck Mr. Estrada, and he later died from injuries he received from the propeller blades.

Myron Posivak Killed, Laura Brady Injured in Oklahoma Boating Accident

Myron Posivak died Saturday as a result of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning while was aboard a ChrisCraft boat on Grand Lake near a small Oklahoma town. Laura Brady, also a resident of GIlbert, was sickened by the fumes. She was treated for her injuries and released. Three other adults and a child also were treated and released. Boating Accident Lawyers