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Jon O'Steen
Keep Politics Out of Court—Vote No on 115
Jonathan V. O'Steen October 23, 2012

Although the presidential and congressional elections garner most of the media coverage, there are several Arizona ballot propositions that deserve your attention.  One such initiative is Proposition 115.

Proposition 115 threatens to destroy the independence of our courts and inject politics into the selection of our judges.  I strongly urge that you reject it.

Lawsuit Filed Against L.A. Fitness Alleging Fraudulent sales Practices
Jonathan V. O'Steen April 27, 2012

A Tempe, Arizona man has filed a lawsuit against L.A. Fitness health clubs alleging he was fraudulently induced to sign a contract for personal training services at the company’s Tempe, Arizona facility.

Benjamin Calleros, a student at Scottsdale Community College, filed suit in Maricopa County Superior Court alleging that he was offered a free fitness assessment when he joined L.A. Fitness as a club member.

Jim Harrison
Dealers Can Hide Some Damage Repairs to New Cars
James R. Harrison March 9, 2012

New car sales are on the rise. This upswing in the market follows several years of flat or declining sales. If you are considering a new car purchase, you should know about an Arizona law that gives you limited protection against a dealer practice that is more common than you might have thought.

Used Car Caveat: Do Not Get Stuck With One Previously Damaged in an Accident
James R. Harrison March 8, 2012

Most dealers who sell used cars in Arizona sell them “as is.” This means the seller provides no warranty or guarantee on the car. The printed form contracts used by these dealers generally contain a provision saying the car is sold “as is – not expressly warranted or guaranteed.”

Van O'Steen
Campaign Ads Bend the Truth, Not the Law
Van O'Steen March 6, 2012

My law firm practices personal injury law, so most of my writing pertains to car accidents, traffic laws, insurance matters, dangerous products that injure consumers and other related matters. This timely piece, however, concerns something that is arguably even more important.

Like most citizens, I want integrity in government. Our elected and appointed officials should be intelligent, competent, energetic and committed to serving the public interest. Occasionally, we get people like this.

Jim Harrison
Trusts Avert Too-Much Too-Soon Problems
James R. Harrison February 28, 2012

James Howell once quipped that “a fool and his money are soon parted.” The same can be said for many young people with too much money. A certain level of maturity is required to appreciate the importance of financial management and spending restraint. It is in no one’s interest, for example, that an 18 year old inherit enough money to buy a high-powered sports car with the potential for causing a serious accident resulting in injuries or death.

Van O'Steen
Protection Fund an Option for wronged Clients, But Not for Malpractice
Van O'Steen February 27, 2012

Most professionals carry insurance to protect against claims arising from their negligence. Lawyers are no exception. If you have a valid claim for legal malpractice, you generally can look to the lawyer’s insurance carrier to pay it, just as you would turn to a physician’s medical malpractice insurance carrier if you were harmed by a preventable medical error.

Occasionally, however, a lawyer’s misconduct is not covered by his or her malpractice insurance. Generally, claims for theft, embezzlement and other acts of dishonesty are not covered by insurance. Although you still may sue the lawyer without insurance coverage, clients have an additional remedy under these circumstances.

Jim Harrison
Protection for Your Child: Free Tool from the FBI
James R. Harrison February 11, 2012

Most of our news stories deal with protection against car accident injuries and deaths, avoidance of dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices, public policy discussions of medical malpractice and so-called "tort reform," and other matters related to personal injury and the civil justice system.

This piece is somewhat different. I recently learned of an important tool from the FBI that protects children who are abducted or temporarily separated from their parents. Every parent of a minor child should be aware of this free service.

Stand Up For Our Judges
Trial magazine June 2005

Judges are under siege. Federal judges are bearing the brunt of the attack, but state judges are suffering harmful collateral damage.

Trial Lawyers
In Defense of So-Called Greedy Trial Lawyers
The Houston Chronicle October 27, 2002

Lawyer bashing costs us all. The consequence of focusing on lawyers instead of issues, and placing blame on one party to a system that we all need, is to deny us the meaningful debate that is necessary to elect competent public officials.

More importantly, lawyer bashing often results in the deterioration of rights so many of us often need. Next time a politician starts criticizing trial lawyers, ask what is proposed as an alternative.

Medical Malpractice
The Surprising Truth About Medical Malpractice
Trial Magazine April 2002

Skyrocketing medical malpractice insurance premiums. Doctors abandoning their practices. The insurance industry wants the public to think these trends are the result of "frivolous" lawsuits and "out-of-control" juries, and medical providers are only too happy to agree. But what's the real story?

Hot Coffee Lawsuit
McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit
The Wall Street Journal September 1, 1994

When a law firm here found itself defending McDonald's Corp. in a suit last year that claimed the company served dangerously hot coffee, it hired a law student to take temperatures at other local restaurants for comparison.

After dutifully slipping a thermometer into steaming cups and mugs all over the city, Danny Jarrett found that none came closer than about 20 degrees to the temperature at whcih McDonald's coffee is poured, about 180 degrees.

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