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Lawsuits Address Medical Malpractice Injuries

Van O'Steen

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It is no secret that doctors are well-paid for their work.

Because so much of the cost of medical treatment is not paid directly by the person who receives the service, there is no strong incentive for economy.

The widespread availability of insurance and government subsidized medical care is the reason for the high standard of living enjoyed by most doctors.

This is not the devil theory of the medical profession.  Individually, the majority of doctors are well-motivated, hard working people.

Collectively, however, doctors have an unusual way of looking at economic reality, encouraged by a system that obscures the ultimate cost of medical services to the consumer.

As a society, we ask little of doctors in exchange for the enviable position we place them in.

One thing we do ask is that they be responsible for injuries they cause to patients through their carelessness.  We pay them well for treating us; it seems only fair that they compensate patients for the injuries they occasionally cause.

This responsibility is embodied in the law of medical malpractice.

Contrary to popular belief, a relatively small number of those who are injured by doctors’ malpractice are ever compensated.

Medical malpractice claims are difficult and expensive to process.  For that reason, only the clearest mistakes and the most serious injuries are likely to be handled by lawyers.

If you believe you have been seriously injured through the carelessness of a doctor, you should consult a lawyer who is experienced in handling medical malpractice claims.  Be prepared, however, for a lengthy process and, in most cases, an uncertain result.