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Consider Adding Umbrella Insurance

Van O'Steen

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One of the best insurance values available continues to be an umbrella policy.

Umbrella coverage is a special type of liability insurance.  Liability insurance protects the policyholder from claims and lawsuits made against him or her by others.  Car accidents, falls, dog bites, malpractice and many other careless acts are covered by some form of liability coverage.

Liability insurance policies vary widely in the type and amount of protection they provide. 

For example, many Arizona drivers have only $15,000 in liability coverage for injuries they cause to others.  If you have an automobile accident and cause a $50,000 injury, a $15,000 auto liability policy leaves you substantially unprotected.

A single umbrella policy can expand your protection for personal injury claims made against you in connection with most careless acts, whether your carelessness occurs in a car or elsewhere.

Umbrella insurance derives its name from its expansive nature.  It acts an umbrella, extending a comprehensive shield over you.  It generally picks up where your other insurance policies stop and gives added protection up to $1 million or more.

Umbrella policies can be bought for personal and business protection.

These policies tend to be relatively inexpensive because they insure only the upper limits of coverage.  Claims against umbrella policies occur far less often than against basic liability policies, such as auto and homeowners.  For this reason, greatly expanded coverage is very affordable.

To be eligible for umbrella coverage, you may be required to increase the liability limits on your basic policies.  Some degree of increase may be a good idea whether you elect to take the umbrella option or not.

With the help of an umbrella policy, you may be able to extend your insurance protection to $1 million or more for very little additionally cost.

Your agent will not charge you to explain the available umbrella protection and quote you a rate.

There is certainly no harm in asking.