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Greyhound Bus Crash Caused By Unruly Passenger

James R. Harrison

January 23, 2014

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Phoenix, Arizona—More than twenty passengers on a Greyhound bus traveling from Los Angeles to Phoenix and Dallas were injured and transported to hospitals this morning when the bus left the Interstate 10 highway west of Phoenix.

Maquel Morris Attacks Greyhound Bus Driver

Maquel Donyel Morris, age 25, was arrested in connection with the incident.  Morris, who is described as having an “emotional issue,” reportedly rushed the bus driver and grabbed the steering wheel, causing the bus to veer into oncoming traffic.  Other passengers restrained Morris and managed to bring the bus to rest in the interstate median. 

Morris was arrested after attempting to flee the scene on foot. The incident occurred at about 1:45 A.M. near Tonopah.

Three passengers were air evacuated to Phoenix area hospitals and another twenty or more were transported to hospitals by ambulance.

We wish all those who were injured speedy and complete recoveries.

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