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Yue Jiang Shot and Killed in Apparent Road Rage Incident

Van O'Steen

January 18, 2016

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Phoenix, Arizona—Yue Jiang, a 19-year-old ASU exchange student from China, died as the result of injuries she received Saturday afternoon when her car was involved in a minor fender-bender which forced her car into oncoming traffic.  Ms. Jiang was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Broadway Road and McClintock Drive when her car was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Holly Davis, age 32.  No injuries resulted from this initial impact.

Ms. Jiang’s 21-year-old male passenger got out of their vehicle to inspect the damage.  He quickly returned when he saw Davis approaching with a gun.  Davis opened fire through the driver side door, striking Ms. Jiang.  Ms. Jiang’s car then swerved into oncoming traffic, where it struck another car head-on, injuring the five occupants, one of whom was pregnant, and three of whom were children.  All persons, including Ms. Jiang’s passenger, were injured to varying degrees.

Davis fled the scene.  A witness followed her and obtained her license plate number.  Police officers located Ms. Davis at her residence where she initially denied involvement in the accidents.  Police charged Davis with multiple offenses, including first degree murder.  She has a history of drug use and a mental disorder.

We extend our condolences to Ms. Jiang’s family and friends over their loss.

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