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Avoiding Truck Accidents

Follow these safe driving tips when you are on the roads to avoid collisions with semi-trucks.

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Suggestions for Avoiding Accidents with Tractor Trailers

Follow these safe-driving tips when you are on the roads with large trucks:

  • Do not drive next to a large truck any longer than you must. When passing one, do so as quickly as it is safe to do so. When one is overtaking you, allow it to pass quickly; slow your own vehicle if it is prudent to do so.
  • Never change lanes abruptly in front of a big truck. Stopping and slowing distances are much greater for large trucks than they are for passenger vehicles.
  • Never allow a big truck to tailgate you. Take prudent action to avoid this. If necessary, signal your intention to safely pull off the road and allow the truck to pass.
  • Never attempt to pass a large truck that is turning. These trucks have a wide turning radius, and they may enter adjacent lanes of traffic when making turns. You also may move into the driver’s blind spot during a turn.
  • Always maintain a safe distance from large trucks, both those that are ahead of you, and those behind.
  • Be especially cautious of large trucks on curves and roundabouts. Big rigs are even more prone to lane-drift on curved sections of road.
  • Never insist on the right-of-way even when it is yours. Always drive cautiously and defensively.

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Arizona Truck Accident News

Female Motorcyclist Dies in Accident with Semi-Truck

Accident investigators with the Lake Havasu City Police Department report that an as-yet unidentified female motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a semi-truck.

Semi Overturns onto I-10 Median in Chandler

Accident investigators are not certain what caused a semi-truck to overturn and come to rest on top of the concrete median separating the east and westbound lanes of I-10 in Chandler.

Head-on Semi-Truck Accident Outside Wickenburg Leaves Both Drivers Dead

A head-on collision between two semi-trucks outside Wickenburg claimed the lives of both drivers early Tuesday morning. Trucking Accident